Amanda Bennett Unity Study Curriculum

Amanda Bennett’s homeschool curriculum is comprised of unit studies. She covers more then 20 different subject/topics in her easy to use unity study curriculum.

The studies include history, geography, reading, science, and much more. Your students will be involved in interesting investigations into these topics — reading, researching, and learning throughout each day. Instead of saying, “Do we have to do school?” they should look forward to the next day’s investigation.

The studies are designed to cover four weeks, with four weeks of daily lesson plans for the topic. The only exception is the Patriotic Holidays unit study, which has four separate one-week studies for the four main patriotic holidays: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day.

Designed for all ages, from early elementary through high school, each day has a basic structured learning plan for Elementary Grades and one for Jr./Sr. High Grades.

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