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Resurrection Resources is committed to providing results-oriented, understandable, and affordable learning materials. We also offer a free e-newsletter service filled with vaulable information and encouragement for different school types.

Our textbooks, workbooks, and supplies are developed employing one-on-one teaching that effectively discovers how a student learns and what a student needs to learn. They are created by experienced and knowledgeable educators to be understandable for all types of students in each grade level. They produce incremental growth in skills and subject comprehension as well as measurable results. Our textbooks and workbooks also work to produce a whole-brain learning experience so that a student is not left with lopsided skills leading to future career handicaps. Additionally, our consumable textbook format is a powerful tool enabling better learning comprehension and retention as well as providing the perfect teacher for the independent learner.

Our dynamically prepared textbooks/workbooks are also in touch with today’s standards and are able to meet all of your home school or classroom needs. We do this by offering you two types of educational materials that you can mix and match to insure that each student is keeping pace with his/her learning abilities. Our GRADESMART books give you the assurance that you have exactly the right textbook/workbook for the grade level that your student has reached. Our PACESETTER books give you the flexibility to introduce a subject that meets the unique educational pace of your student.

Our free, monthly e-newsletters contain a book-of-the-month review as well as helpful tips for the classroom and teacher. To subscribe, click on the category below that best represents your school, then type your school type in the subject box.

For educational materials and information that work not only in the home school classroom, but in the private school classroom as well, you can count on us!

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