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Trigger Memory Systems is a partnership comprised of three homeschooling moms; Jennie vonEggers, Marillee Flanagan and Dena Wood. We have thirteen children between us and reside in three different states. Amazingly, the internet has enabled us to pool our talents and resources in producing and marketing Times Tales. Two of us are sisters and the third has been a friend for nearly 20 years. (That makes us sound old! We’re not, you know!)

Times Tales is the brain-child of Jennie. While teaching her two boys multiplication facts, she noticed they were consistently struggling with certain problems. Answers for the lower facts came easily since they could quickly add them in their head when they got stuck. However, the higher facts, such as the 6s, 7s, 8s and 9s, were much more difficult to process mentally. To overcome this problem, Jennie turned these higher facts into memorable stories, enabling her boys to memorize the facts quickly and with little effort. With very little review, they could recall the facts even months later. Jennie was so impressed with the success of this method that years later, she joined with two partners to fully develop the program. Times Tales is the outcome of that endeavor.

We first tested the program on our six and seven year old daughters who had never even been exposed to the concept of multiplication. Both children learned the facts in less than an hour! Better yet, they were asking to do more! They were having FUN! We then proceeded to recruit friends and family as guniea pigs. No one was safe!! Amazingly, we were unable to find anyone that could not succeed with the program.

As we made the program available to the public we were pleasantly overwhelmed with the positive response. Parents that struggled with learning disabled children were especially enthusiastic regarding their success with Times Tales. Most had tried a myriad of alternative approaches. In response to customer requests, we added Division to the program and produced Times Tales Deluxe.

We then sent out prototype classroom programs and recieved the same report of positive results as with the one-on-one learning situations. Today we have several school districts and charter schools using our program.

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