Wiebe Carlson & Associates
Wiebe, Carlson and Associates is a privately held corporation founded in 2005 by Dr. Arthur Wiebe and Mark Carlson. Our company branched off from Creative Teaching Associates. Dr Wiebe was a founder of CTA as well as the AIMS Foundation. Mr. Carlson was formerly Director of Sales and Marketing at CTA.

With educational experience second to none our staff at WCA is dedicated to bring teachers and parents quality, educationally sound games and activities that teach. Our product developers are all former teachers so they understand what it takes to help create a fun and effective learning environment.

You will find many different types of games and subject matter. The diversity in our line makes it easy to discover a “tool” that will work for you in whatever situation you may have.

National Standards are also very important to us so we include them in every product we design.

We believe the missing ingredient in the learning of a subject is attaining fluency. Without this important achievement it is very difficult for students to move on to the next level. Our products do just that!

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