Living Principles of America

We live in a time when violence and immorality saturate popular media. Studies show the amount of sexual content on TV has nearly doubled since 1998. According to another study, the average American youth watches television 25 hours a week and plays computer games an additional seven hours—with Internet time above that. Furthermore, even the youngest child spends as much time watching TV as they do playing outside. These numbers caution every caring parent who is trying to shield their children from sin. We need to make “TV time” count!

Now is the time to replace the immorality and violence that continues to bombard our lives. Together we can take back our homes and build our families on a scriptural foundation. Together with tens of thousands of families we are fulfilling our mission to Teach Values and Change Lives.

Living Scriptures videos and learning resources bring the message of the Savior alive in a way that entertains and delights people of all ages. Our media lifts the soul and inspires every family member to stay focused on the happiness and peace that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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